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The main objective of the startegic partnership project “ECVET Units as Initial or Additional Training to the European Veterinary Assistant Diploma” (EU. IATEVAD ) was to develop a veterinary knowledge training module that can be acquired, recognized, accumulated and used in different countries throughout Europe. The project involves 4 partners - from Latvia - Smiltenes Tehnikums,, Estonia - JÄRVAMAA KUTSEHARIDUSKESKUS,, France - LEPRP Jeanne Antide and the Czech Republic - Gymnazium a Stredni odborna School, Plasy - - schools offering veterinary education or similar programs.

During the project for to achievement the objectives were:

1. Created website for the project that is publicly available at -

2. An Innovative Approach to Veterinary Education was developed using the 3-week study module of the ECVET toolkit, which is being acquired in another country. It can be used at the stage of qualification acquisition, as an inclusive, additional knowledge or part of a unit as well.

3. For each module - developed Curricula, based on the principle of 30% theory and 70% of practical training

4. Developed Student and teacher training materials , which are the intellectual results of the project and are available on the project website and the Erasmus + dissemination platform / erasmus plus / projects /

5. Implementation of participants' training activities for both pedagogues and students - 32 students went to another country to perform module testing. Teachers learned from working with an international team of students, shared their experience in promoting motivation for students, and strengthened English language skills.

6. The results of the project were distributed on all partners' websites, social networks FaceBook and various press releases, on television

According to the main objective of the project, 4 different training modules in veterinary education were created and implemented in each partner school:

1. "Surgery assistance in pet clinics" - "Latvia, Smiltene Technical University

2. "Horse welfare and care, health assessment and first aid", Estonia, JÄRVAMAA KUTSEHARIDUSKESKUS

3. "Artificial insemination" , Czech Republic, Gymnasium a Stredni odborna school, Plasy

4. "Exotics Petcare", France, LEPRP Jeanne Antide

During the courses students got specific knowledges, skills an competences that can be learned and applied in a relatively short period of time, so you can get a job faster. Accumulation of these skills increases each participant's choice in the future.

Impact of achieved results -

- An innovative training opportunity for veterinary or similar education has been developed, which will enable emploies to better integrate into the labor market through the module learning and ECVET instrument. The acquired skills are understandable, they are valued, they can be accumulated, recognized and used in different European countries.

- facilitating the mobility of participants, enabling different skills to be acquired in other countries, thereby adding value to their education

- increased popularity of specific partner countries, the quality and supply of education, as well as the capacity and popularity of vocational education in general

- In the future module training in France, Latvia and Estonia will be implemented.

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International strategic partnership project " ECVET Units as Initial or Additional Training to the European Veterinary Assistant Diploma" Nr. 2016-1-LV01-KA202-022652   is innovative way in veterinary education and training in European countries in different education and training level depend of needs of learners and supply of labor market in all Europe. Involved in project are schools from Latvia, Estonia, France, and the Czech Republic, where provides veterinary training programs.